Not too long ago, a group of friends and I were discussing how much we love reading and participating in book studies.  As we talked, we discovered how much time had passed since we were all able to spend time together sharing about books we’d read. The conversation soon turned toward meeting up for a book study again.

The trouble started as we tried to find a common meeting time and place.  Somewhere between husbands, significant others, kids, work, school, dance practice, football games, laundry and the grocery store finding a common time was more challenging than we thought. In this age of Internet access from our cell phones and social media, I thought maybe the easiest way for us to meet, during times that were convenient for each of us, would be in an online forum.

That is the basic thought behind Beginnings Cafe…we can read books together and share our thoughts here!  Simple, right?!

So…what started as a book study blog has now turned into me just simply reading, enjoying books and sharing about them and other happenings in my life.


Please note that any comments made should be done with the purpose of love and positive encouragement.  I am fully aware that we may not always agree but I am equally aware that there is a way to say any and everything in a positive, loving manner.


Book suggestions are encouraged.


A place to find an encouraging word, thought or message from others who know just how you feel.


Learning to love who you are even when no one’s watching.



3 thoughts on “About

  1. I like the thought of the beginningscafe. Matter of fact I love cafe’s it is so nice to see others have a cafe site as well. Have a bless day.


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